Monday, January 10, 2011

Personal Betterment Teaching

Self BettermentI have been associated with self improvement mentoring since 1988 and as I very first started out, my fellow mentors were unquestionably phenomenal people who all impatiently searched for professional coach courses. These folks were wanting to acquire everything, schooling and ability to fine-tune and expand their natural coaching capability.

Of late I've been running into a lot of everyday people that happen to be labeling themselves life coaches but yet, they may of had no coach schooling or possibly attended a end of the week coaching skills training and calculated that's ample. Actually, just the other day I became aquainted with a life instructor and I quizzed him about his prior experience and training and it seems he was an astrologist now labeling himself a life coach because that's the hot thing. Pardon me, but what's wrong with calling your self an astrologist?

I have also encountered experienced therapists and professionals who sadly are now calling themselves self enhancement mentors even if they have got virtually no coach training by any means. This log is my attempt to organize the wheat with the chaff. It is indeed my attempt to guard the good name of every one of the really good life coaches around the world as well as protect the population in the process.